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    With a client-centric approach, we assist fast-growth startups, SBEs, community banks and credit unions that are exploring new business areas, experiencing changes in organizational structure or trying to keep up with rapid growth by doing what we do best…

    Business Organization by Design™

    Are you solving the right problem?

    Disrupt status quo. Facilitate Change. Experience Growth. Design your business around your unique capacity to create value for your clients and stakeholders. Experience accelerated efficiency, improved service quality, quick scaling across and within verticals, elevated barriers to entry for your competition and greater employee morale and collaboration with Business Organization by Design™.


    Simplicity Mastered™ designs business structures, cultures and practices based on perceptual acuity, best practices, trends and leading-edge resources. Transform your business and discover new opportunities and creative solutions by leveraging your purpose, principles and priorities for capacity-building returns.

    Capacity-Building Policies and Procedures

    Where strategy meets execution

    Growing a business can be one of life’s most exhilarating experiences, but also presents unique and untimely challenges. Ensuring your purpose, principles and priorities are properly executed and in a way that best serves your clients can get complicated. Clients don't see your strategy, they see your execution. If you execute poorly, as far as they are concerned... that is your strategy.


    Policies, procedures and leading-edge communication methods that are current, consistent, compliant and aligned with your organization’s purpose, principles and priorities increase value to your clients and stakeholders.


    Simplicity Mastered applies performance-based communication disciplines to plan, design and implement organizational work practices that reflect your communication needs and cultural influences. This results in bespoke documents ensuring quality and accuracy in content, context, compliance and usefulness.


    When your business is simplified, designed and implemented correctly, your are better prepared to navigate change in an perpetual changing environment.

  • Facts & Figures

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    Can your employees access policies and procedures relevant to their responsibilities in less than 3 minutes? Are they accurate and up to date?


    How we recently helped...

    • Strategically modified policies and procedures (and test scripts) in broad-based industries while maintaining database of 900+ source documents.
    • Updated 400+ policies and procedures for a credit union having $10B in assets, successfully emphasizing and ensuring compliance with UDAAP, FCRA, FDCPA and fair lending laws.
    • Conducted major reviews of nearly 1,600 policies and procedures to meet existing and future documentation needs. 
    • Expertly negotiated a multi-million dollar international licensing agreement for state-of-the-art solar module cleaning business.


  • Who We Are

    Solving unpredictable problems. Daily.

    A.Michelle Blakeley, Principal 

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    Simplicity Mastered™ is a time-honored consulting firm delivering executive-level expertise to entrepreneurs, small businesses, community banks, credit unions and non-profits on short-term engagement basis. Our proven, results-driven philosophy: purpose, principles, priorities and practice gets you from strategy to execution. We are high-touch, responsive and committed to delivering effective and efficient transformative solutions.


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